The redesign process

Getting a makeover is always exciting and sometimes it means more than just a new look. It might be that you've outgrown your clothes or maybe you realized your old wardrobe had not been reflecting your personality well enough. Either way, you need a change. 

We have recently redesigned the Builders Patch logo and given it a completely different look and meaning. As we added new features to the Builders Patch platform and broadened its scope, we felt we had ‘outgrown’ our old look and wanted something that better reflected where we stand now and what Builders Patch is really about. 

What makes Builders Patch stand out from simply being a data hub is its enhanced collaboration features. We believe that seamless communication is key to better performance and efficiency, and wanted our brand to reflect that, too.

Out with the old...

Our old logo was meant to symbolize a community seen from a bird’s eye view: four apartment blocks embracing a landscaped inner courtyard, with New York’s city grid of straight streets being the main visual reference.

It all made sense: we focus on multifamily housing and we are based in New York. Or at least it made sense to us. In reality, the logo was ambiguous and its form too complex.

Apart from the practical problems that arose from having to resize a complicated, almost mosaic-like logo for various media, we needed something simple and immediately recognizable. We wanted the logo to send a clear message about what Builders Patch stands for but was simple enough to be resized and reproduced quickly. 

Old logo of Builders Patch between 2017 and 2019 with visual representation of a city grid and an aerial photograph of Bryant's Park and the New York Public Library.
Before: the 'city grid' logo of Builders Patch (2017–2019). (Photo: Bryant's Park and NYPL by @jeffreymilstein)

…and in with the new

How did we come up with the new logo? Builders Patch is a deal management platform that collects, displays and analyzes all the important data of a housing deal, but what makes it stand out from simply being a data hub is its enhanced collaboration feature set.

We believe that seamless communication is key to better performance and efficiency. Much of the real estate industry’s problems are stemming from antiquated methods of information sharing. We plan to change that by connecting everyone who counts in a deal.  

We felt that incorporating the ‘speech bubble’ element into the logo was a good indication of the collaborative side of Builders Patch. It’s friendly, it’s recognizable and tweaking it by adding a rooftop to form a ‘house’ was a natural next step. After all, we are in housing and our frequently proclaimed goal is to make it easier and less expensive to build housing.

A bonus to this new logo: when looked at from a distance, the shape actually forms the letter ‘p’, and since the ‘b’ is already sitting in the middle, we got both initials of Builders Patch included in the logo.

After: the new 'speech bubble' logo of Builders Patch and its component breakdown.