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Multifamily Excel Models and Proformas

How you can manage your excel proforma and get access to Sources and Uses, Dev Budget, Income, and Opex and P&L forecaster online at the tip of your fingers.

By Uma Pandit, February 6, 2020

BYOE (Bring your own Excel)

At Builders Patch, we are working to boost your productivity while you work in your Excel models. Our Proforma feature gives you access to: Sources and Uses, Development Budget, Income and Operating Expenses and a very handy scenario P&L forecaster to forecast changes in income and opex over time. Here is how it works:

Upload new models - Bring your own Excel files

We are hyper focussed on the product experience and onboarding experience of of our customers - so you will never hear us use painful words like "Stop using Excel". In fact, we want you to keep working in your own models even as we ease your transition from the old way of working to the new. After all, the old way has worked for you for so many years.

On the other side of the equation, we do believe that life outside Excel can be wonderful, with beautiful and meaningful metrics and insights coming to life. And that is how Builders Patch can truly help you.

Back to your Excel models - even if you have different Excel models, we can map these models to a model our system understands to give you superior analytics that you want to see at your portfolio level. As part of your onboarding, we will set up all these mapping spreadsheets for you. In the example below, you can see how we have mapped the sources and uses from your spreadsheet (s&u) in ours (BP - deal core data). We follow a similar structure for your development budget, rental income as well as income and opex data.

How we map your file to something our platform can understand

Powerful Analytics

Customers often tell us that they have CDs and binders of closed projects hidden away in basements. We want to dust off that data and make it available to you at your fingertips. Looking for the senior housing project you completed a couple of years back? Now with Builders Patch and its standardized models, you can see all your projects at a portfolio level - and even filter by location or project type to see trends to compare your new pre-development project with your older project.

Deal Level - Sources and Uses
Deal Level - Development Budget

Portfolio Level - Sources & Uses

Portfolio Level - Sources and Uses

Updates to your models

We understand that in the pre-construction phase, your models are constantly changing and you are working on different scenarios with your architects. We make this very easy for you - you can keep working in your files, while our formulas in the mappings spreadsheets silently update the numbers. We also can lock / hide the sheets for you so these changes are completely invisible (dare we say magical?) to you. Once you are happy with your model, you can upload the Excel file to our system.

What if I want to revert back to an older model?

We have complete version control on your files, so we can retrieve your beautiful oops back to a version you want. We will eventually give you the ability to revert back to a previous version as well.

Learn more about multi-family excel proformas and our elegant solutions powerful analytics. Do write us and send us questions, comments or even a request for demo with the form below.

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