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Task Management in Builders Patch

Builders Patch produces smart, intuitive software for multifamily housing developers - this post talks about how you can easily manage your checklists, templates, tasks, and workflows.

By Uma Pandit, February 1, 2020

What Mark Twain has to do with product design

Mark Twain once said “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” In our modern lives, when we’re grappling and procrastinating the important thing that we need to get done, “Eat that frog” is a mantra that resonates with many. At Builders Patch, we have been finding ways to simplify tasks and checklists that we wanted to share with you.

Our power users are loving:

Create Tasks

Within a deal, we have given you the ability to create a task from our side panel and assign it to yourself or a team (or a team member). Optionally give it a due date, priority and yes, tags - if you want to categorize them for later.

Task Collaboration

Contextual Messaging within Tasks

Once a task has been created, you can follow up on the task by simply messaging the assignee from within the task. No more endless email threads and mixing up checklists. Stay on top of tasks, checklist items and more with messaging. In the screenshot above, you can see how "Anna Architect" messaged back the developer with the updates.

Categorize Tasks

While creating or editing tasks, you can tag them into different categories so it's easy to filter them or bucket them later. In the screenshot above, you can see how "Dennis Developer" was easily able to create a task for his architect and tag them with "Designs" and "Due Diligence" since he needed that task to be completed for his Due diligence collection process.

Filter Tasks

Finally, at your portfolio level or deal level, you can view all your tasks and filter them based on the follow-ups as best fits your workflow for that day or phase of the project you are in. You can filter by teams, tags, and priorities.

Condensed View / Detailed View

Whether you are in the mode of checking off lists or heads-down working on tasks, we have the view for you. In the checklist mode, see just the title and a checkbox to complete tasks; and in the detailed view start cracking on the tasks you assigned yourself.

Access to Task Templates

As part of our on-boarding process, we learn all about your project details. We have created lots of checklists that we can create tasks out of. So we work with you hand-in-hand to best replicate your process you were using before so we have the best productivity tools in your hands the fastest. Our library of templates is growing, so whether it's an RFP in Philly, NY or the Combined Funders Application in Washington state, we have got you covered.

“If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter”

It is indeed much harder to create a clutter-free, intuitive design for our project management and productivity boosting tools. What looks simple is deceptively hard to build - but our aim is to build and launch products that you can start exploring and using very quickly.

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