What do housing advocates expect from the Biden administration?

Most advocates believe that the incoming Biden administration is likely to extend the eviction moratorium, either by executive order or with an additional stimulus package passed through Congress, and to support additional funding for emergency rental assistance run by cities and states.

Next City • January 19, 2021

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The rent eats first: Rental housing unaffordability in the US

This paper examines the housing affordability crisis using a residual income approach to identify renter households whose housing expenses are too high and who lack the income to enable them to meet a basic but comfortable standard of living.

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies • January 13, 2021

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California's affordable housing and sustainability communities program

The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program is designed to fund developments that directly benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities that are disproportionately burdened by and vulnerable to multiple sources of pollution due to health and socioeconomic conditions. Addressing these inequities in community investment is an important part of addressing systemic racism and affirmatively furthering fair housing.

Enterprise Community Partners • January 19, 2021

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The looming eviction cliff

When the CDC eviction moratorium expires, millions of people will face eviction once again. This will not only disrupt housing stability for families but increase virus transmission. However, the eviction crisis can be prevented with adequately funded and targeted rental assistance. Absent adequate resources to provide rent relief, eviction diversion programs, right to counsel, and legal assistance could help stem evictions.

Urban Institute • January 2021

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