Building a better ladder of housing opportunity in the United States

To emerge from the crises facing the nation and achieve a strong, broadly shared recovery—one that redresses racial inequality and responds to the demands of climate change—will require systemic changes to the ways the U.S. plans for, invests in, and expands access to housing.

Terner Center for Housing Innovation • February 2021

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State and local policy strategies to advance housing affordability

The United States faces a severe and worsening housing affordability crisis that increasingly affects every state and almost every major community in the nation. As a result, it is now more important than ever for states, cities and local communities to take decisive action to support housing affordability in their jurisdictions, a goal that will likely require policymakers to recognize the need for a multipronged, or even all-of-the-above, strategy to meaningfully address the crisis.

National Association of Realtors • February 2021

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Hyperlocal zoning: Enabling growth by block and by street

This report considers the many areas across the U.S. with high potential growth but where there has been little new housing development for decades. Street and block votes should prove a popular means of increasing development in lower-density areas with high housing costs, while respecting existing rights and without disrupting existing successful processes for upzoning.

Manhattan Institute • February 3, 2021

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