Preserving and expanding the supply of affordable rental housing

Much attention is being paid to the short-term implications of the pandemic-related economic downturn, including making sure that families remain housed. But this downturn will likely have long-term effects that could reduce the supply of rental units affordable to people earning low incomes and prevent additional affordable units from coming online—from small rental property owners being forced to sell, to housing developers experiencing construction delays. To help avoid a decline in affordable rental housing supply exacerbated by the pandemic, the current rental housing finance system needs reform.

Urban Institute • May 4, 2021

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Biden administration wants to offer more housing vouchers to help low-income people

President Joe Biden wants to expand Section 8 housing assistance to more than 200,000 additional families. The administration proposed an additional $5.4 billion in hopes that housing vouchers will help low-income people at risk of homelessness because of the pandemic.

The Pew Charitable Trusts • May 12, 2021

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Addressing Housing’s Critical Role as Infrastructure

Most Americans are painfully aware that the country’s physical assets—its infrastructure—are in bad shape and need new investments. But no part of the built environment more directly affects our daily lives than our homes, and America’s housing supply is in trouble. The American Jobs Plan represents an important and critical down payment on a comprehensive effort to fix America’s broken housing system; let’s make the most of this moment to put our country’s housing policy on a better path forward.

Terner Center for Housing Innovation • April 23, 2021

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