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AI-enabled workflow & deal management software to help you speed up multifamily housing finance.

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Deploy capital to where it is needed most

Speed up the flow of funding to these critical investment areas through the mass processing of loan applications, in-built due diligence collection workflows & storage, and AI-powered underwriting.

Multifamily Housing

Speed up the funding of all multifamily projects, from new construction to refinancing.

Construction Loans
Permanent Mortgage Loans
HOME Program
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Green Energy

Mobilize private capital to deliver clean energy and climate solutions

Solar for All
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

End-to-end project financing software that connects both sides of CRE transactions.

All steps of your workflow digitized & in the cloud: speed up the financing of your housing deals, from application and due diligence collection to closing. Built-in AI features for underwriting analytics, document summaries & autogenerated closing memos.

Full-scale portfolio management using AI to automatically onboard, process and analyze your deal & asset management data.


Workflow optimization for loan closings, with added AI features

Cut down on repetitive tasks and focus on the important: evaluating and choosing deals best suited for you. Our platform takes care of collecting and processing all the data you need to swiftly and successfully close a deal.


Single database to capture, compare, and analyze all your deal data

Bring all your past, ongoing deals and asset management deals into a single, structured database. Compare past & current deals, track asset performance metrics in real time. Follow the asset through its entire lifecycle, bringing in data from multiple loans and transactions.

Case studies

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Case study
Neighborhood Concepts Inc

Scaling NCI's small business lending & affordable housing finance operations

NCI needed a new technology infrastructure to scale fast, streamline their internal processes, store and pass on their knowledge to new staff, and organize their asset management operations.

Blog posts

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Affordable housing
May 28, 2024

Equibuild: Here’s a Strategic Blueprint on Affordable Housing Development for Local Governments

In the wake of the pandemic, local governments face a critical need to address housing undersupply. The Equibuild Strategy offers a comprehensive blueprint, focusing on equitable investment financing, affordability by design, and income inclusivity to create sustainable, mixed-income housing solutions.
Housing policy
April 26, 2024

What the nationwide shift in real estate fees means for homebuyers and agents

A landmark ruling by a U.S. District judge is set to revolutionize the real estate industry by altering how agents are paid. This change, stemming from a Missouri class action lawsuit, challenges the traditional practice of sellers' agents covering buyers' agents' fees, aiming to eliminate price-fixing. Discover the implications of this pivotal decision and how it could reshape the home-buying landscape for everyone, especially first-time buyers. Read on to explore the depths of this significant shift.
Affordable housing
March 9, 2024

How to apply for Low Income Housing Tax Credit? - Complete guide to the LIHTC application process

The LIHTC program has been crucial in providing federal financing to create affordable housing for low to moderate-income families in America. Learn more about how it works and how developers can apply for it.
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