Deal Management for cdfiS

Loan applications received, reviewed & sorted in a click...

Manage your application intake, underwriting, and closing process using a single software.  

Speed up & automate your processes.
Connect directly with borrowers & work together.
Aggregate and analyze your portfolio data.

The challenge In HOUSING

There is an affordability crisis. We need to build more housing... and fast.

We must build, renovate, and climate-proof over 20 million affordable rental units in the next decade to address the acute shortage in the US housing market. The first step is to speed up the flow of funding.
Step #01


Make loan applications easier for everyone.

Set up your intake forms using Builders Patch and get notified when a new application is submitted.

Formulate your questions based on your evaluation criteria. Screen for projects that:

• meet the minimum LIHTC program requirements
• meet the terms for allocation agreements
• create maximum community impact
Step #02


Underwrite your deals faster by better connecting with borrowers.

Share your due diligence checklist with developers and collect all required items online. Cut down on the back-and-forth: get notified when new files are uploaded, leave comments, assign tasks.

With our easy-to-navigate online tool, collecting due diligence becomes a seamless experience where next steps are clear for everyone.
configurable setup
user-defined folder structures
central file storage
filters & file search
progress tracking
status updates
task assignments
shared comments
direct chat


Housing finance is full of silos. We need to break them down.

Underwriting a loan involves complex decision making: with your deal data scattered across teams and stored in separate files, you can’t make comparisons between deals.
Deal data
Most data is sitting in separate Excel sheets & databases. No aggregation. No comparisons.
As a deal moves from one phase to the next, data doesn’t make it across those barriers. Repetitive entry.
Communication is slow, file sharing even slower. Co-ordination between teams needs to be smoother.
Training and onboarding new employees is costly. Senior staff is bogged down by their day-to-day management.
Step #03


Create your credit memos automatically. Distribute them for approval.

Set up credit memo templates for your organization & auto-populate them with deal data. Every time you change a value, the memo gets updated. Once finalized, share with your loan committee for sign off.
Step #04


Centralize communication & set a clear process blueprint for loan closings

Replace long email threads and file attachments with a central collaboration tool. Chat, share documents, and assign tasks to colleagues and external contributors (developer, architects, lawyers, reviewers).

Set clear workflows from the initial review of an application to loan closing. Guide your team at every step, and automate away the repetitive tasks. Focus on strategic thinking and pipeline development instead.
Step #05


Aggregate & analyze your deal data, make smarter decisions.  

Aggregate all your portfolio data into one place. Refer to past deals, compare and analyze thousands of individual data points for smarter decision-making.

Clean up and standardize all your pro forma & asset management data without any manual data entry: bring your own Excel files to upload data.


We do more than just housing... Manage any loan type with Builders Patch!

While we come from a background in housing finance and originally created Builders Patch for this industry, the platform can handle so much more!

Be it any kind of loan, you can manage your applications, due diligence collection, client communication, credit memo generation, and custom reporting using Builders Patch.
small business loans
auto loans
single family mortgages
energy retrofit loans
consumer loans


We underwrite several different asset types. What asset types does Builders Patch support?
Where in the deal cycle is Builders Patch most useful for investors?
We have very specific due diligence requirements. Can you accommodate for our needs?
We have very specific due diligence requirements. Can you accommodate for our needs?
Is there a limit on number of users? How can I open up Builders Patch to clients and employees?
Some of our data is sensitive. Will everyone with an account see all our data?
Who owns the data on the Builders Patch platform? Do you re-sell any of the data?
What guaranties do you have for data security? Is there an encryption system in place?

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