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Streamline your pre-development workflows, collect due diligence with ease, collaborate with your project team online, and much more.
different reports and files to collect per project
emails exchanged during due diligence collection
individual edits before finalizing a pro forma
La Central (The Bronx, NY)
NYCHDC uses Builders Patch to support the financing of affordable housing
New York City Housing Development Corporations is piloting the Builders Patch platform to get digital support in their financing and underwriting of housing projects.
Rockwood 10 (Portland, OR)
“Their system is built around the way we developers work.”
"The big difference with Builders Patch was their personal experience and expertise in affordable housing finance and development.”
Image of Kevin Kellog
Kevin Kellogg
Director of Real
Estate Development
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Casa Celina (The Bronx, NY)
"Builders Patch is easy, intuitive and useful for our team."
"We use Builders Patch to store our data, manage our deals, and share information seamlessly. The project management feature that allows us to track all our tasks and priorities with our team is a highlight.”
Andrea Kretchmer
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All your projects managed in one place.

Upload your housing projects in just a few steps. No IT magician required.
Project Management
unlimited data storage
secure & cloud-based

Multiple loan applications on one platform.

Manage all your loan applications using one unified platform that has everything.
Proforma Mapping
adaptable to any loan package
custom due diligence checklists
easy progress tracking

Due diligence without headaches.

You'll never need to fill out the same info twice—our platform handles it for you.
Due Diligence Collection
online due diligence checklists
easy file uploads
cross-team collaboration (tasks, chat)

Your Excel and your data... with a facelift.

Easily find all your relevant Excel data in neatly arranged tables and charts.
Proforma Mapping
no data entry required
access controls for data sharing

Share project info and get funded faster.

All collected project information gets automatically organized into a printable Project Memo.
Proforma Mapping
secure URL link for sharing
printable PDF

Portfolio Analytics

Apples to apples, oranges to projects across your entire portfolio using various filters and sorting methods. Instantly notice anomalies for better decision-making.
Proforma Mapping
comprehensive dashboards
filters for better comparisons

Asset Management

Keep your asset management data synced and track performance. No need for yet another software.
Proforma Mapping
yearly, quarterly, monthly reviews

Project management

Invite everyone involved in your project to collaborate online. Assign tasks, set deadlines, share files, and communicate directly.
Proforma Mapping
task management
real-time chat
no limit on users
no limit on file uploads

Frequent questions

Can your platform integrate with Salesforce?
Yes, our platform can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and many other third-party applications. Our aim is to help you upgrade your systems with minimum disruption to your existing workflows.
Does your platform cover all deal types or is it specifically geared towards ground-up construction?
Builders Patch covers financing and management of multifamily asset types ranging from pre-development assets to those currently in asset management. We also support the refinancing/syndication of assets.
Can we create reports with Builders Patch?
Yes, Builders Patch can automatically create any number of custom reports for you, including deployment reports, risk rating reports, and pipeline reports, to name a few.
During the loan cycle, we communicate with a lot of different people. Am I limited in terms of the number of people I can communicate with on Builders Patch?
No. At Builders Patch, we make it easy to communicate with your borrowers, team members, and third parties, including underwriters, lawyers, and anyone else you choose. They don’t have to be existing customers of ours in order to work with you on our platform. You also have total control over what you share with whom.
How long does it take to get up and running with Builders Patch?
Once you decide that Builders Patch is the right solution for your organization, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Within 2 weeks, your loan applications and due diligence checklists can be built out. Within three months, we can bring your closed deals onto the platform.
What customer support is available to clients?
Builders Patch is committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% comfortable with 100% of the platform. During the first 90 days, we schedule weekly meetings to properly onboard your team onto the platform and to discuss its functionality. After 90 days, our Customer Success is available to meet with you and answer questions on an as-needed basis. We also have a Knowledge Base of articles and videos to help you with task-specific items.
Who owns the data on the Builders Patch platform? Do you re-sell any of the data?
Any file or information you upload to the platform is your property. We don’t re-sell any of your data to third party buyers. In short, what belongs to you stays with you and is owned by you.
Is there a limit on number of users? How can I open up Builders Patch to clients and employees?
We don’t have a restriction on the number of users. All you need to do is send out an invite to people within your company and they can log in immediately. Same applies to your clients. Send out an invite and request them to complete due diligence collection by adding their deal details.

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