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About Builders Patch

We are a venture-backed startup, and we are here to revolutionize housing finance.

There is an urgent need to finance nearly 20 million new rental housing units in the United States, within this decade. Historic data indicates that without significant disruption of the financing and construction industry we will fall woefully short. Currently the process to underwrite and finance new multifamily housing loans is incredibly archaic, fragmented and lacks industry standard tools and digital innovation. It takes upwards of 4 months to apply for and underwrite/close each loan. We are changing this status quo.  

The Builders Patch platform digitizes and automates the process, and provides AI-driven insights and analytics to bring accuracy, speed and transparency to the closing process.
Ultimately we are accelerating the rate at which housing units are built. One of the largest housing agencies in the country is our customer, and we are rapidly creating a robust ecosystem for both the lender and the housing developer. As we are onboarding more and more customers to our platform, we are seeking new talent to join our team and help us scale the platform. We are currently a core team of 6 full-time employees and an engineering team of 5.

We want to change how housing is built, and create stronger communities, by leveraging technology to disrupt one of the most siloed industries in the world.

We are passionate about what we do.  If you are looking to bring your solutions to entrenched, important problems, come chat with us.
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