Fund more.

Increase your dealflow by speeding up your underwriting.

Underwriters are a precious resource. Free up their time by automating the repetitive tasks of due diligence collection and information collation. Enable them to evaluate more deals in less time.
different reports and files to collect per deal
emails exchanged during due diligence collection
hours collating information and creating a memo

Collect due diligence more efficiently.

The current system for due diligence collection is extremely time-consuming, fragmented, and only minimally digitized. Builders Patch effectively collates all of the information for you.
Proforma Mapping

Set up your checklist and share with developers.

Our due diligence checklist covers 95% of what you need, but it’s easily customizable to get to that 100%. Once shared with the developer, track what information has been collected.
Project Management
easy-to-track completion status
customizable checklists
shared remarks & internal notes

Assign tasks, communicate easily.

The collection process itself is largely automatic, requiring only minimal management, but in case you hit a roadblock, directly assign tasks or talk to the person involved.
Proforma Mapping
task management
real-time chat
organized file structures
unlimited data storage

TurboTax-style investor memo with one click.

All collected project information gets automatically organized into a printable Investor Memo.
Proforma Mapping
basic project details
pro forma highlights
market comparisons
risks & mitigations
editable content

Compare, analyze & evaluate more deals

Easily navigate between the development budgets, rent roll analyses, and OPEX data of different deals at the same time. See the market comps arranged into a table based on your commissioned market study.
Project Management
full pro forma with analytics
rent comparisons
portfolio analytics

Asset management

Keep track of asset performance. Compare present-time values with the original projections.
Proforma Mapping
yearly, quarterly, monthly reviews

Portfolio analytics

Apples to apples, oranges to deals across your entire portfolio using various filters and sorting methods. Instantly notice anomalies and make better decisions.
Proforma Mapping
comprehensive dashboards
filters for better comparisons

Frequently Asked Questions

We underwrite several different asset types. What asset types does Builders Patch support?
What type of lending institutions can use Builders Patch for underwriting?
Where in the deal cycle is Builders Patch most useful for investors?
We have very specific due diligence requirements. Can you accommodate for our needs?
Is there a limit on number of users? How can I open up Builders Patch to clients and employees?
Some of our data is sensitive. Will everyone with an account see all our data?
Who owns the data on the Builders Patch platform? Do you re-sell any of the data?
What guaranties do you have for data security? Is there an encryption system in place?

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