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Find out how New York City's principal housing finance institution uses our platorm to manage their application intake and underwriting process.

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Deal Management for HFAS

Loan applications received, reviewed & sorted in a click...

Manage your application intake, underwriting, and closing process using a single software.  

Speed up & automate your processes.
Connect directly with developers.
Analyze your data & grow your portfolio.

From application to closing, we follow the asset and bring all data in one place

Offer a dedicated portal for your borrowers and handle submitted applications & due diligence collection in a single platform. Automate all repetitive tasks using our workflows. Automatically organize & analyze all deal info the moment you receive them, and let the platform auto-compile a draft of your investment memo right away.

Fund more. Build more.

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Speed up the flow of capital to your borrowers and help them build more housing. Shorten the loan closing timeline and double the potential of your team.

Seamless borrower experience.
Centralized  due diligence collection.
Automated credit memos & reporting.

In-built borrower experience

Online application forms with in-built, easy-to-use borrower portal. Review and evaluate all submitted applications in one place. Start dirct conversation with applicants & move the project to the next stage.
Online checklists

Streamlined due diligence

Publish & share your custom checklists, share with the selected funding applicants, and collect all documents and due diligence information through a centralized, interactive, digital checklist that includes instant 2-way communication between your team and the borrower’s team.
automated credit memo

Memo building using AI

With all deal data collected into a central hub, your credit memo gets automatically generated from deal details earmarked to go into your memo. Our additional AI features will give you a boost, but the final say and edits are yours.
Online Pro Forma

Your pro forma always at hand

Centralized, digital display of your Excel-based pro forma. As you edit and change the numbers, they update on the system, and this stays the fix point where everyone on your team can access the latest pro forma numbers without having to open the actual Excel file.
Maximized efficiency

Free up your team from repetitive tasks

Builders Patch can become your organization’s central processing system. Let us do the repetitive and time-consuming tasks so your staff can focus on the bigger picture.

Efficiency boost
Standard workflows
& automation

Streamline and standardize your operations while incorporating automated workflows to save time and energy and avoid staff burnout.

Easy-to-follow steps to close a deal

In-built process blueprints make it easy for new members of your team to understand what needs to be done to successfully close a deal.

Single source of truth for all deal data

Deal information and deal documents are automatically organized and are easily findable in our deal-cenrtric cloud storage system.

DATA Aggregation
Portfolio data & instant reports

Deal data is also automatically standardized and aggregated, making it a breeze to create reports on the portfolio level.

Case studies

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Case study
Neighborhood Concepts Inc

Scaling NCI's small business lending & affordable housing finance operations

NCI needed a new technology infrastructure to scale fast, streamline their internal processes, store and pass on their knowledge to new staff, and organize their asset management operations.

Blog posts

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Affordable housing
May 28, 2024

Equibuild: Here’s a Strategic Blueprint on Affordable Housing Development for Local Governments

In the wake of the pandemic, local governments face a critical need to address housing undersupply. The Equibuild Strategy offers a comprehensive blueprint, focusing on equitable investment financing, affordability by design, and income inclusivity to create sustainable, mixed-income housing solutions.
Housing policy
April 26, 2024

What the nationwide shift in real estate fees means for homebuyers and agents

A landmark ruling by a U.S. District judge is set to revolutionize the real estate industry by altering how agents are paid. This change, stemming from a Missouri class action lawsuit, challenges the traditional practice of sellers' agents covering buyers' agents' fees, aiming to eliminate price-fixing. Discover the implications of this pivotal decision and how it could reshape the home-buying landscape for everyone, especially first-time buyers. Read on to explore the depths of this significant shift.
Affordable housing
March 9, 2024

How to apply for Low Income Housing Tax Credit? - Complete guide to the LIHTC application process

The LIHTC program has been crucial in providing federal financing to create affordable housing for low to moderate-income families in America. Learn more about how it works and how developers can apply for it.

Frequent questions

Where in the deal cycle is Builders Patch most useful for investors?
Builders Patch enables lenders to process their application intake much faster, and significantly reduce the hard and repetitive grunt work of due diligence collection. The received deal information and material is automatically organized and analyzed, making underwriting and approval of construction and acquisition loans hurdle-free.
We underwrite several different asset types. What asset types does Builders Patch support?
The Builders Patch platform supports all asset types within multifamily rental housing, including affordable, market rate, senior and student housing, and all housing developments with tax credits, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac funding.
Do we have to build our own applications on the platform?
No. As part of our onboarding process, we automate your applications and make a link available on your website. When a borrower clicks on the link, they will enter the Builders Patch platform where they will complete the application and upload the requested underwriting/due diligence documents.
As our borrower gives us the documents we need for our underwriting/due diligence, we update our checklist manually. How is Builders Patch different?
As the borrower uploads requested documents, your team will receive a notification and the checklist will be updated automatically. Both you and the borrower can easily see what has been provided and what is missing.
Each one of our loan officers has a different way of saving documents to our shared server. Can Builders Patch help with this?
Helping you stay organized is important to Builders Patch. As borrowers upload underwriting files, they are automatically stored in the appropriate folders. This folder structure can be customized by you and can be standardized across applications. This way, all your deals will share the same folder structure across your portfolio regardless of how many loan officers you have.
Can Builders Patch help us keep track of our pipeline?
Yes. Our platform provides you with a dashboard so that you can see all the deals, and their status, in your pipeline from application to closing. You have the option to view your pipeline in different formats such as list, map, and thumbnails and you can also sort them based on the stage of the application.
Can we create reports with Builders Patch?
Yes, Builders Patch can automatically create any number of custom reports for you, including deployment reports, risk rating reports, and pipeline reports, to name a few.
During the loan cycle, we communicate with a lot of different people. Am I limited in terms of the number of people I can communicate with on Builders Patch?
No. At Builders Patch, we make it easy to communicate with your borrowers, team members, and third parties, including underwriters, lawyers, and anyone else you choose. They don’t have to be existing customers of ours in order to work with you on our platform. You also have total control over what you share with whom.
How long does it take to get up and running with Builders Patch?
Once you decide that Builders Patch is the right solution for your organization, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Within 2 weeks, your loan applications and due diligence checklists can be built out. Within three months, we can bring your closed deals onto the platform.
What customer support is available to clients?
Builders Patch is committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% comfortable with 100% of the platform. During the first 90 days, we schedule weekly meetings to properly onboard your team onto the platform and to discuss its functionality. After 90 days, our Customer Success is available to meet with you and answer questions on an as-needed basis. We also have a Knowledge Base of articles and videos to help you with task-specific items.
We have very specific due diligence requirements. Can you accommodate for our needs?
Builders Patch has a standard checklist for different loan types. It covers about 90% of what most lenders would collect for due diligence. You can start using this standard checklist right away. However, given that each lender has their own due diligence criteria and 'secret sauce' for underwriting loans, you can request to create and add your custom checklists for the different loan types you provide. Setting them up is part of our customer onboarding process where our team will work closely with you to make sure all your needs are covered.
Who owns the data on the Builders Patch platform? Do you re-sell any of the data?
Any file or information you upload to the platform is your property. We don’t re-sell any of your data to third party buyers. In short, what belongs to you stays with you and is owned by you.
Is there a limit on number of users? How can I open up Builders Patch to clients and employees?
We don’t have a restriction on the number of users. All you need to do is send out an invite to people within your company and they can log in immediately. Same applies to your clients. Send out an invite and request them to complete due diligence collection by adding their deal details.

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