Deal Management for HFAS

Loan applications received, reviewed & sorted in a click...

Manage your application intake, underwriting, and closing process using a single software.  

Speed up & automate your processes.
Connect directly with developers.
Analyze your data & grow your portfolio.

Build more affordable housing.

20 million new units are needed in the next decade.

Builders Patch creates an ecosystem that brings together housing developers and financing agencies. We bring digital transformation to housing finance to scale up housing production.


a single, unified system across the entire deal cycle from acquisition to asset management


data-driven decision making for underwriting and analytics


fast, effortless, and error-free due diligence collection and investor memo creation

Break down the information silos

All data across the deal cycle is now in one ecosystem. Utilize real-time asset management data to inform new underwriting. Empower your underwriters and analysts to make quick, data-driven decisions effortlessly.

applicant experience

Customized intake form to collect leads.

Set up your developer intake forms within the Builders Patch system and see projects directly into your development pipeline the moment an application is submitted.
Proforma Mapping

PRoject pipeline

Pipeline reporting for a smoother workflow.

All projects in your portfolio can be easily overviewed based on their progress status. Assign project managers, reject, or move forward projects with one click.
Project Management
easy project status updates
project highlights for quick overview
assigning of project managers

Due Diligence collection

Easy, online due diligence collection.

Traditional due diligence collection is time-consuming and fragmented. Builders Patch effectively collates all the information for you and serves as the single source of truth for all parties involved.
Proforma Mapping
complete checklists
progress reporting
chat & task management

Pro forma & analytics

Integrated pro forma and real-time analytics.

Make smarter decisions with data-driven insights on sources and uses, development costs, income, and expense trends and comparisons with the rest of your portfolio.
Project Management
full pro forma with analytics
rent comparisons
project specs vs portfolio
easy Excel auto-sync

Pro forma & analytics

Investor memo with all details in one place.

All collected information is automatically arranged into an investor memo that you can present to and share with your investment committee.
Proforma Mapping
auto-update from latest pro forma
secure, shareable online link
printable PDF document

Portfolio analytics

Compare deals across your entire portfolio.

Apples to apples, oranges to deals across your entire portfolio using various filters and sorting methods. Identify underperforming assets for better decision-making.
Proforma Mapping
comprehensive dashboards
filters for better comparisons

Frequently Asked Questions

We underwrite several different asset types. What asset types does Builders Patch support?
Where in the deal cycle is Builders Patch most useful for investors?
We have very specific due diligence requirements. Can you accommodate for our needs?
Is there a limit on number of users? How can I open up Builders Patch to clients and employees?
Some of our data is sensitive. Will everyone with an account see all our data?
Who owns the data on the Builders Patch platform? Do you re-sell any of the data?
What guaranties do you have for data security? Is there an encryption system in place?

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